Reporting agencies

Since 1 January 2020 all persons or institutions that diagnose or treat cancer or a notifiable preliminary stage of a cancer are subject to reporting obligations. The collected basic and additional data to be reported are to be transmitted electronically or in writing to the competent registry within four weeks. The responsibility for the correct and timely notification lies with the self-employed doctor or with the medical management of the hospital or institution in question. This also simultaneously signifies the cessation of the previous frequent practice of direct, active data collection through the Cantonal Cancer Registry/Childhood Cancer Registry by the hospitals, medical profession or other institutions.

Doctors, who notify the diagnosis of a cancer subject to notification or its possible preliminary phase, are also responsible for the oral and written information for the afflicted patients about the cancer registration and their entitlement to the right to object. They have to record the date of this information and notify the competent cancer registry (The right to object by the afflicted patient may then be submitted in writing to a cantonal cancer registry.)